This explosive short format for field hockey played on a half-regulation size hockey pitch, is seen as a future development and growth of the sport worldwide. The matches are exciting to watch. Fast, furious and demanding on the players’ fitness.  With 5 players in each team, there are three periods of 15 minutes of play. One can score from anywhere on the field. This new game will gain popularity quickly as the  implemen-tation for international competition has been Fih-approved  in July 2014.

Dimensions: 25m x 50m = 1000m2


  • Hardened underlay
  • Shockpad
  • Fences
  • HQ artificial grass incl. circle lines
  • 1 large and 2 small goals
  • Boarding (20 x 40m)
  • Spinkler installation
  • Preparation for video analysis
  • Optional 10-20 Csign Skilltrainers
  • Possibility to convert to an Air Dome Indoor Park